Thursday, August 2, 2018

Mother Nature, Enough is Enough

  It might be our last day at camp but Mother Nature doesn't seem to care.  She started the day with another storm that had us move to our cabins after our pancake and sausage breakfast.  This did let us get the cabins cleaner, start packing, and maybe take a little nap to get rid of some of the exhaustion we have accumulated while having fun over the past several days.
  Finally radar showed a break in the weather and we broke bad.  After an early lunch of cheeseburgers and broccoli bites we hit the camp to make memories in style.  Two groups hit the pool and made sure the water was just right.  Other groups were making friendship bracelets at arts and crafts, learning about leadership and making planes.  Of course we had some youth who were climbing high on the rock wall and more youth working on their communication skills.  Within four hours we did it all, and camp store.
  So the great thing about the last day at camp is that we can spend our camp store money on anything in the store.  Don't be surprised if we bring home some extra presents for you like water bottles, key chains, flashlights, stuffed know the necessities.
  After camp store we went back to having fun at our activities.  Dinner was chicken tenders and we enjoyed a whole bunch of them with our veggies and french fries.  It was a great last dinner.  Of course we needed to get our energy because tonight's activity is the dance.
  We all got ready and hit the rec hall.  It didn't matter than it started raining because we were dancing up a storm.  To be honest not all of us were dancing, some were talking, others were wishing it would stop raining so we could go out and play games...but all in all we had a pretty good time.  The rain kept us from having our last campfire outside but we had one inside that wasn't bad at all.
  When it was all done we headed back to the cabins one last time.  After tonight we will be packing up to go home in the morning.  Just a few things left to do and we will be on our way home.  See y'all soon.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Its Raining, Its Pouring

  The old man may be snoring in that tale, but in the tale of day three at Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp, there is no snoring going on here.  Our campers woke up this morning to a breakfast of bagels, fresh fruit, and bacon.  Now that's how you start a morning.  Cabin clean up and flag raising are the first activities of our day.  Because after all cabin inspection is a daily event and the boys had something to prove today.
  Our day started off sunny and comfortable with Highs in the 70's.  Our campers were checking out the rock wall, horses, archery, swimming and so much more.  I have heard some of the dodge ball and kick ball games in the field have gotten rather competitive and just down right silly funny. 
Before our campers knew it it was time for lunch.  On the menu today, chicken sandwiches, tator tots, and salad.  Our campers seem to be enjoying the food and seem to be extra hungry because they are downing as much as they can.
  Today our Trekkers packed up and headed to Pilot Mountain for river canoeing, tent sleeping, and real rock rock climbing.  They will cook their own meals, and have a great time in the great outdoors.  We expect them back tomorrow afternoon in time for camp store.
  Speaking of camp store....our youth make time for that every afternoon.  This is their chance to get a snack like ice cream or chips, a little something to drink, and take time to mingle with everyone.  Since the entire camp goes to store at about the same time, campers you might not see except at a meal or in passing are right there with you.  There are a lot of conversations, games, and physical activities, such as hula hooping and jump roping that take place during this break time.  When break is over everyone heads back out to the activities.
With another day of activities behind us we headed to the dining hall for dinner.  On the menu tonight, spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread and of course dessert.  During dinner there was palpable excitement as the campers talked about the upcoming talent show and did their best to one up each other.  So it was no surprise when rest time came and went and a lot of campers spent their time getting ready for the event of the night...the Talent Show.
  Hosted by "J" this talent show was camp entertainment at its highest form.  We had singers, comedians, musicians, magicians, a fashion show and much more.  In between the more than 20 acts we had counselor awards and special guests.  We even had a few of our own youth showing off their jump roping and hula hooping talent.  Probably the most talked about act of the night was a young man who burped the alphabet.
  We were so entertained by the incredible talent we didn't notice the rain move in.  It was a little soggy getting back to our cabins but those hot showers felt sooooooo good.  Just one more full day before we head home....wonder what we will be up to?????

Monday, July 30, 2018

Our First Full Day!

Mother Nature had a little surprise for our campers when they woke up this morning at Betsy Jeff Penn, rain.  However, getting a little wet was going to stop anyone this morning.  Our campers awoke refreshed and raring to go...go to breakfast that is.  Biscuits, bacon, and eggs were on the menu along with some fresh fruit.  After plenty of nourishment it was time to clean up cabins.  For those of you at home, it may just seem like chores but for our campers it is a major competition.  You see each day when the campers head to morning activities the cabins are inspected.  The top three cleanest cabins get the coveted prizes of the golden faucet, silver toilet seat, and the bronze toothbrush.  The bragging rights to go along with each prize are also coveted so the campers work hard to make sure their cabins are ship shape.
  Campers who were going to get wet anyway didn't mind being out in the rain.  Our campers went swimming in the pool, hiking to the beaver pond, and took parts in arts and crafts.  The oldest campers, the adventurers and trekkers hit the lake to practice their canoeing skills.  Some campers got to go horse back riding and some hit the rec hall for games instead of the rock wall, because it was a little slippery.
  Before we knew it it was time for lunch.  Pizza, carrot sticks and celery were on the menu and if that wasn't your favorite there was always the salad bar.  The afternoon was filled with fun activities that included creek stomping, fishing, and ropes for our older campers. 
Of course a favorite for everyone is camp store.  Each camper can purchase a snack (ice cream, chips, or cookies) and a drink each day.  Can we just say everyone was happy with ice cream, lots of ice cream.  After spending a few minutes socializing it was time to head back out into the world.
  Once again dinner was upon us before we knew it.  Taco night went over really well.  You could fix your own hard shell or soft with black beans, corn, chips, cheese, beef, lettuce....let's just stop here and say it was so good.  If the smiles on these faces aren't enough to convince you of that please know dessert was homemade chocolate brownies.  YUM! 
Since the flag did not get raised in the rain, flag lowering did not involve a flag.  However at this time we did find out that Cabin Six won the golden faucet and they better be careful because other cabins are gunning for them now. 
  Tonights activity involved water sports for part of the group and the pioneer cabin for the rest.  At water sports there was a slip and slide, water games, the pool, and lake.   At the pioneer cabin the campers played games, worked on team building, and got to eat s'mores with marshmallows they roasted themselves.
If you are thinking this is a packed day you would be right.  Our campers headed back to their cabins for showers and headed to bed.  After all full day two has a lot more to offer and we need to get our beauty rest.   

More Than One 4-H Camp?

Day campers arrived at the office today to find out they were headed to another popular 4-H camp, Millstone.  Located in Ellerbee, Millstone is a rustic 4-H camp that offers all the traditional camp activities such as archery, canoeing, and swimming.  Also on the calendar for the week will be ropes courses, games, and arts and crafts.
Today Joanna Rogers, 4-H Expanded Foods and Nutrition Education Program Assistant took our youth to this day camp.  Once they got there they met youth from several other counties such as Hoke, Montgomery, and Anson.  They started by getting to know each
other in the Rec Hall before splitting up into their groups for the week.
Each group has their own counselor and some even have LIT's (Leaders in Training) to help out.
Today's schedule included, arts and crafts, team building, pool time, lunch, and OLS.  The campers got a chance to know each other, make new friends, and just plain have fun.  At one point the storm clouds kept some of the campers out of the pool, but you couldn't stop their spirit as they learned camp songs and sang them at the top of their lungs.
This group of campers is headed back tomorrow for another day of fun and adventure.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

We Made It!

  It was an early morning as our campers loaded luggage and themselves on the bus and we headed to Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp.  After picking up the group from Richmond County we headed straight to Asheboro, and enjoyed lunch at Golden Corral.  Everyone had real food first (some of us two, three, and possibly even four helpings) before getting some dessert.  By the time we got done our bellies were full and we were ready to get back on the bus and nap while we headed to camp.
  When we got to camp two counselor got on the bus and told us everything we needed to know.  Well at least for our first ten minutes.  We got our stuff unloaded and headed to the designated spots; boys to the arts and crafts area, girls the top of the steps.  Then we headed to the flag pole to grab our paperwork and went in the rec hall to find out where we would be staying for the next five days. 
  Our younger youth are in the Head and Heart groups, as they get older they were assigned to Hands, Health, Earth, or for the oldest Adventurer, Trekker.  Their cabin assignments correlate with their groups (with the exception that boys sleep on one side of the camp and girls on the other-during the day everything they do is coed).  Once we moved in we started cabin introductions and making new friends.  There was also a quick tour around camp so that we would have a better idea of everywhere we are headed.
  Before we knew it it was time for dinner.  We had a cookout with hotdogs, slaw, baked beans, potato chips, watermelon, and cookies.  We got to eat in the ball field and as we got done we played all sorts of games.  Some of us found friends we made on the bus and checked out their thoughts on their cabin and the upcoming weekly schedule.  Some of us just posed for photos, because it was just fun.
  We made the brief trek to the rec hall to learn about all the things we needed to know while at camp.  If there is bad weather or a fire there is a horn that sounds and if we hear it we know to head to the rec hall.  We met the entire camp staff, the agents, and well just about everyone we hadn't already met.  Then we all got up and danced.
  When dancing was over it was time to head to our first official camp fire.  We learned that if the head counselor Jimmy builds the fire he wants it as tall as he is and really really hot.  We sang songs, listened to stories and were entertained by the skits that the staff did.  Campfire was fun and not long enough.  Again before we knew it we were headed back to our cabins for the night to shower and climb into bed.  We need to get to sleep quick so we can see all the fun tomorrow has to offer.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Just Plain Hot

When you wake up and the temperature is 90 degrees and you are headed to the firing range it is hard to focus on anything but staying cool.  However the members of our Dirty Dozen 4-H Shooting Sports Club were able to get in the zone and stay on target as they kept it hot on the firing line.
The June meeting for the club started with some reminders of safety (as they always do) and they added a little fun.  Focusing on a diamond shape target everyone was able to get on and stay on the paper.  As they continued to shoot they honed in on the diamond and work to make sure more holes ended up there than anywhere else.
To keep it interesting their club leader had them count shots and work from a standing, kneeling, and prone positions.  This added a little challenge to their workout and made them think less about how hot is was and focus on getting the job accomplished.
Due to the heat they did end their club meeting a little early.  For more information about this, or any of our clubs please contact Wendy Maynor at

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Livestock Update

Check out the latest news from the world of Livestock by clicking on this link.  This will take you to the NC State Fair News letter.